Nigerian lady living in Canada has disclosed why the companies she was employed to work for kept sacking her from her job.

The young lady encouraged netizens to avoid oversharing personal information on social media.

The lady known as @annie_nikks on TikTok talked publicly about her horrible experience after moving to Canada.

Annie_nikks advised her followers to avoid social media because the ‘hearts of certain men are wicked’.

Lady discovers why companies in Canada kept sacking her from her job
Lady living in Canada

Annie claims that since moving to Canada, she has lost every job she has been able to acquire. However, she chose to cease sharing about her work life on social media, and since taking the daring action, she has not lost any more jobs.

She wrote: “Ever since I stopped posting where I work on TikTok, I stopped losing my job in Canada. Keep some things off social media. The heart of men is desperately evil.” 


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