Popular lifestyle influencer, James Brown has outlined some traits of a gay as he makes comparison between himself and activist, VeryDarkMan.

James Brown has turned to his Instagram story in the wake of VeryDarkMan’s detention to criticize Nigerians who have classified him as gay and to enumerate traits of a gay guy.

James Brown
James Brown

He claims that although he has been accused of having gay, transgender, and homosexual friends on multiple occasions, he has never been caught in the act.

He further stated that VeryDarkMan had exhibited the majority of these characteristics and questioned who amongst the both of them is gay.

James Brown wrote: “Me that’s everyone are calling gay, too gay, very gayishe, All his friends are gay, confuse gender, transgender, gender lost, homosexual, has not been seen, mentioned or caught by everyone sucking or saying. Now your knight and shining armor activist VDM has demonstrated most of this, NOW DEFINE GAY?”


James Brown compares himself with VeryDarkMan as he slams those calling him gay




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