Nigerian singer, Skiibii recently shared the behind-the-scenes account of how he and music producer Rexxie convinced Afrobeat sensation Wizkid to collaborate on the remix of their hit song “Abracadabra”.

During an exclusive interview on The Afrobeats podcast released online on Sunday, March 31, 2024, Skiibii revealed that Wizkid had been a fan of the original 2022 track, which Rexxie had co-created with Skiibii and Naira Marley.

This disclosure highlights Wizkid’s fondness for the song, suggesting his natural attraction to its infectious groove.

Furthermore, Skiibii highlighted Wizkid’s unwavering support for his music career, emphasizing the superstar’s habit of sharing and tagging Skiibii in his social media posts, showcasing solidarity within the Nigerian music community.

The turning point came when Skiibii proposed the idea to Rexxie of featuring Wizkid on the remix. Seizing the opportunity during a chance encounter at a club, Skiibii extended the offer to the talented artist, who graciously accepted.

Following the release of the remix, the song swiftly ascended the charts, captivating audiences and igniting a viral sensation across various platforms. The collaboration between Skiibii, Rexxie, and Wizkid proved to be a resounding success, reaffirming Wizkid’s versatility and Skiibii’s adeptness in curating musical magic.




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