Hook-up lady lets it all out while cursing a particular client for not paying the $300 he owed her after she provided him with her services.

While narrating her ordeal, the lady identified as @duchesspriscilla on TikTok, reveals how she juggles between her career as an artist, actress, content creator and hook-up as a side hustle to make ends meet.

Drama as hook-up lady rain curses on client who refused paying for service rendered

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She recalled how she worked for a man who owns a grocery store and despite his persistent advances, she had consistently ignored them.

He requested for an advert placement and due to how much she felt she knew him, she didn’t ask for a deposit before carrying out the job. However, up till date, he has refused to pay her.

She took out a bible and rained all manner of curses on him while performing different gestures.

Check out netizens’ reactions that followed..

Samuel Ikoks said: “People don’t have shame again. Well na Nigeria do us this one sha”

OluwafisayomiKD wrote: “Be like shame don expire😩 Most of my gender no get any iota of shame again, una just dey move mad😒”

tinugrills noted: “For a curse to work you have to be fully naked with the towo bodi. This one na half swear, e no fit work”

Decency stated: “If she like make she naked her body is far from being attractive”

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