A Ghanaian man, Augustine Kofi Poku, gets burnt with acid by the lover of his ex-girlfriend, despite her through school.

He revealed this in an interview with GHPage TV, noting that he supported the young lady financially.

Apparently, they were secondary school classmates, but she dropped out because she was having issues with her father who then stopped sponsoring her in school.

After school, he was privileged to travel out to Dubai, where he made some money and began sponsoring her to go back to school and complete her education.

Ghanaian man gets burnt with acid by lover of his ex-girlfriend
Augustine Kofi before the incident.

Despite his sacrifices, she kept cheating on him which eventually led to their breakup.

They got back together after she apologized, but few days before his departure out of Ghana, she took his passport to prevent his journey.

She claimed it was because they had an argument and she didn’t want him to travel without sorting their issues.

As soon as everything was settled and only few days before his departure, she sent her lover to his house disguised as a cab driver who poured acid all over the young man.


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