Female pastor, Mrs Francisca Emmanuel, tells women that it is right for them to give their salary to their husbands as proof of their submission to his authority.

The First Lady of World Redemption ministry shared a snippet of her discussion with another church member to her Instagram page.

In what appeared to be an informal interview, she asked her member whose name should be on a car when it is bought with her money.

The church member replied saying that her name should be in the car and not her husband as it was her finances being used for the purchase.

“Your salary should be given to your husband” — Female pastor school women on submission

Mrs Francis was obviously disappointed by her response, stating that she did not understand submission.

She claimed many women do not understand the true meaning of total submission and to properly submit, many things should be surrendered to the command of the husband.

Listing some of those things, she said the wife’s house, car, and even salary should be given to the man to take total control over.

Watch the video here



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