Nollywood actress Doris Ogala has slammed Baby Mamas via her Instagram story following reality TV star Queen’s wedding.

The actress who was using the post to throw shades at some of her colleagues, referred to Baby Mamas as witches.

According to her, no reasonable mother and sister would allow or watch their sons and brothers marry a witch (Baby Mamas).

She also asked Single mothers and Baby Mamas to stop comparing themselves to reality TV star Queen who recently got married.

Her post read;

“All the baby mama witches have crawled out of their covens.. Abeg no mother or sister will allow their son or brother to marry a witch. ALL OF YOU WITCHES SHOULD NOT COMPARE YOURSELVES TO BBN QUEEN. See witches ooo”

While some criticized the actress for the harsh words she used, others suggested that her post was targeted at her colleague, Uche Elendu.

Below are some of the comments,

@symply_beautiana:  Someone will just open mouth wia. All the divorce we have been seeing lately is it because they marry single mothers?

@_darkskingurl_:  Throw shade at Uche not single mothers abeg.

@tacha_fineii:  This is coming out from a woman even if you’re married now, are you sure if that marriage will last forever???

@jo_se_phinee:  But women Dey marry men with kids Abi??? It’s the double standards for me


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