Billionaire businessman Cubana Chief Priest has made a stunning revelation about his attire for Davido’s wedding, disclosing that his outfit cost a staggering N7 million.

The popular billionaire shared a video on his Instagram page while entering his Rolls Royce about heading to the wedding’s venue.

Cubana Chief Priest's N7 million attire to Davido's wedding

He also captured himself in the video vibing to music while yelling “I’m on my way.” In the caption, Cubana Chief Priest wrote: “#ChiVido2024💐 Wait Till I Hang My 7,000,000 Naira Agbada, Segun Of Lagos🇳🇬 #CpNoSmall💸”

Reactions to Cubana Chief Priest’s N7 million outfit

Da Flimzy asked: “Nice one but I’m curious to ask does the ride come with the attire bcos this is what my tailor VCM can deliver with more evidence 🙂‍↕️🙂‍↕️”

MRO stated: “on top senator wear na him you talk 7 million naira,una get number problem for this country”

Bella Christopher noted: “The cloth is too cheap for someone lyk Davido he could have actually done better than this”

CFC MORGAN said: “Too much energy 🚀 Baba too carry OBO for head”

Dr Farouk said: “Something weh my tailor go run for 70k”

Our GrandPa stated: “7 million what again? This people just get money anyhow”

sales_unwana said: “And you believe it’s worth 7million naira …? Just be playing with social media capping🤣”


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