Nigerian activist Rita Onyekweli also known as Rita4Delta has expressed shock over the choice of woman skitmaker Egungun of Lagos engaged.

Recall that popular content creator, Kuye Adegoke better known as Egungun of Lagos shared videos and photos of himself and his wife-to-be as he proposed to his girlfriend.

Egungun of Lagos is known well for shooting his skits with well-endowed women. Many fans had the perception that the skitmaker had a love for women with big backside due to his skits.

Reacting to the videos and photos of Egungun romantically proposing to his simple and slim longtime lover, activist Rita Onyekweli stated that every man knows what they want.

"Only a man knows what he wants" - Activist express shock after skitmaker, Egungun snubs BBL girls to engage slim girl
Egungun and wife-to-be. source: Instagram

According to him, it doesn’t matter the number of times try to impress men by going under the knife to have a curvy body, a man will always choose what he wants.


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