Nollywood actor Zack Orji has revealed that he is not a full Nigerian as he opens up about his identity and heritage.

According to the seasoned actor, he is a citizen of Gabon as he was born there.

In a recent podcast interview, the actor, well-known for his fierce performances in the Nigerian movie industry shared this aspect of his life which is not known by many.

According to Zack Orji, born Zubby Michael, he was born in Gabon due to his father’s frequent travels for work.

Zack Orji reveals real identity, says he's not Nigerian
Zack Orji, Veteran Nollywood actor

Sharing insight into his ancestry, he revealed that his father gave him the middle name Amaefuna, which means “Let my heritage not be lost.”

During the interview for the podcast, Zack Orjil described his recent trip back to Gabon as a turning point in his efforts to be in touch with his heritage.

He described how his career has allowed him to travel frequently, matching his father’s experiences.

This circumstance brought him back to his origin country, where he not only researched his family history but also shot a movie there.



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