Award-winning singer Wizkid is always known for setting new trends in the music industry, and here is how he has reinvented how artists should promote their albums or songs following the release of Soundman 2 (S2).

It might be hard to spot, but Wizkid is actively promoting his EP Soundman 2 (S2) in the most subtle way ever, and this style of promotion is one we think other artists will adopt with the release of their future projects, be they album or song releases.

Call it what you like, but the promotion of S2 on all social media platforms has been effective, which is one of the reasons the EP has continued to top the charts in different countries since its release in December 2023.

What did Wizkid do differently after the release of Soundman 2 (S2)?

Wizkid Soundman 2 (S2)

Aside from how powerful the EP Soundman 2 is in terms of the quality of the songs on the project, Wizkid took it a step further to show fans the back story and also provide substance with a docu-series on how the four tracks were created and who contributed as well.

You might ask the question, Why is the focus on this? The answer is simple: several debates on how Afrobeats lack substance and how songs have no meaning have been raised since the genre shot to the limelight.

Wizkid, in his typical fashion, has shown once again why he is regarded as one of the heavy influencers and frontiers of the genre by showing people how Afrobeats songs, albums, and EPs are curated by him who is one of the faces of the genre’s brand.

How is Wizkid’s Docu-series promoting Soundman 2 impactful?

Wizkid Update

Wizkid and his team have adopted the approach of using the release of every docu-series on all social media platforms from X (formerly Twitter) to Instagram, Tik Tok and many more to give a glimpse into the life of the singer, the people he loves, and how he goes about his business as an artist with each song from the 4-track EP playing in the background.

This is a direct contrast to the usual radio and TV tours artists do today and he had done in the past. It has been effective because for people who do not know the singer this is one way to get captivated by his craft and also check out his past and present projects.

Another thing to consider is that this is not just one video but several videos telling different stories that if combined together as one you have a full documentary or movie in your hands.

Numbers don’t lie, Soundman 2 (S2) has been stable on the charts setting new records for EPs and even surpassing album records. This is not taking away the fact that it is a good body of work but once again Wizkid and his team have taken a different and out-of-the-box approach with the promotion of this EP and we predict we will see more artists considering this approach to tell their own stories as well.

2024 we are about to see a new style of Afrobeats in terms of music creation as well as promotion with Wizkid championing this direction as well.

This is the flexibility of Afrobeats many have failed to understand to date. The dynamism of Afrobeats is what allows other artists to coin their different styles from the tall tree of the genre.

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