A wife laments painfully over the flooded state of her house after she left her husband to watch over their kids.

She shared the video on her Instagram account, celebrityhousewife1, which is centered around her life as a wife and mother.

The wife who normally stays at home all day to cater for the family left briefly to get something out and met the house in a deplorable state.

Wife laments as she shares flooded state she met her house in after leaving her kids with her husband

It was flooded after they left one of the taps in the house running.

Many Netizens are not pleased by this development and went to the comments to leave their opinions.

See some here

bigbaby_jane reacted: “They’ll ask what you bring to the table meanwhile they can’t even babysit their own children for 2 hours. Weaponized incompetence!”

chinyereabang advised: “Men,DO BETTER ‼️‼️‼️”

okrikaplus_ added: “This is not funny. Nothing about this is funny. You people should be enabling nonsense behaviour from men.”

bigmadam_ti wrote: It’s so irritating that he couldn’t watch his children for less than 6 hours. A lot of Nigerian men are not trained at all.”

misz_pea said: “I will go away for 2 weeks! Na daddy know wether him go drink the water”

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