A married woman (wife) intentionally stopped cleaning the bathroom for two months to gauge her husband’s reaction.

The woman identified as @mercy_festus, showcased layers of grime under the bathmat, dirt around the toilet seat, an overflowing trash bin, cluttered counters, and yellow markings around the taps and sink.

She wrote; “I didn’t clean the bathroom for 2 months to see if my husband would clean it/ notice it. It’s so annoying”

The bathroom was truly a mess, and she eagerly awaited her husband’s response after thoroughly cleaning it.

When the woman called her husband to inspect the cleaned bathroom, his initial reaction was far from what she expected.

He noticed a slight difference but attributed it to her cleaning up her own belongings.

He claimed that the bathroom looked the same as it did in the morning, leaving her disappointed and questioning his lack of awareness.

Diana Vogel reacted: “I would suggest to talk to him about how it makes you feel, what he needs to be doing as a partner, etc. If he doesn’t show up and change, LEAVE!”

Payton reacted: “It’s crazy yall even let yall bathrooms get like this man or not. I cannot stand a dirty bathroom.”

Alyssa Sellers Aratin said: “I gave my husband his own bathroom for that reason. They have blinders on.”

Queline said: “No amount of love could make me put up with his BS. NO AMOUNT!! I say… divorce.”

@iamtraceynicole said: “I didn’t see anyone in the comments point out how he tried to blame her by saying “oh you finally picked up your makeup stuff on the counter” smfh.”

Adrienne Miller said: “It’s called weaponized incompetence, and misogyny.”

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