Nigerian Artist, Portable who was recently hospitalized shared a video following the interview of this fourth wife, Ashabi.

In the interview with Biola Bayo, Ashabi shared the fact that she knew Portable had multiple wives and was ready to die with him regardless of his sexual escapades. She also shared that he was a responsible man who cared for her well.

Portable responded with a video shared on social media saying that he finds the interview disrespectful to his first wife, Bewaji. He said in Yoruba he has that many wives because he is responsible and would not want to abandon the mothers of his children, but that didn’t mean that Ashabi had the right to do such an interview.

He shared that he had expected her to be more discreet in her speech to not put all of their business out in public.

Portable, is set to release a new single with Skepta, a top-tier London rapper who flew him to London in early 2024 for the British Fashion awards.


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