Kelly Joy Wanyoni, a white woman has disclosed how she had to sell all the properties she owned in America to be with her man in the village in Kenya. 

The white woman in a multiracial marriage was interviewed, and she spoke openly about their connection and how it began.

In a TikTok video, Kelly described how God gave her a vision of her man Alberta. The missionary stated that she had previously rejected several men but accepted Alberta following God’s message to her.

In her words: “In my heart, I was hurting because I was falling in love with Alberta because God told me he is my husband so I allowed myself to have feelings for him.” 

White woman sells all properties in US to marry a village man in Kenya, says God spoke to her
White woman and her husband Alberta. source: Google

Kelly narrated how she gave up her volunteering activities in the US and quit her job to fund her migration to Kenya.

“I quit my job, and I took all of my volunteering activities with the church and gave them to someone else. I sold my car. I ended my contract with my apartment. I sold my piano. I used the money from the car and piano to buy a one-way ticket to Kenya,” she told the interviewer.

“God told us we were meant to marry each other. “…As he was speaking, God spoke to my heart and said that man is your husband…”.

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