The holiday season is here again and Nigerians will be buying loads of things to celebrate. From hampers for loved ones to food items and clothes, our people sure don’t hold back when it comes to shopping for the yuletide season.

One challenge, many, however face, is buying right, especially during this austere period. Trust me, it could be stressful deciding on what to fill your cart with when you are running on a budget.

For business owners, you can also pick an idea that could help you make plenty of sales during this period. As it said, the most important thing for businesses online and offline is to know consumers’ needs during the period. Isn’t?

Here are some items Nigerians are buying these holidays.

Gift baskets are the most purchased end-of-year gift items among Nigerians.


The package could consist of ten to over 20 items, depending on the size a person buys.

It could also come as a fruit basket, provision basket, or a basket filled with a mixture of provision and food items.

It is very affordable, and the price varies according to the basket’s size and item worth.

If you are searching for one of the major things Nigerians buy during Christmas, you sure know now.

5. Household appliances

Many Nigerians love to get new household goods and appliances during this period.

So, it’s the best time for most Nigerian homes to upgrade their kitchen.

They changed items like cups, ceramics, knives, spoons, pots, and other household goods as the items during this period.

6. Beauty, health and personal care

This period, beauty, and health products are most times off the shelf.

To have that end-of-year glamour, people spend money on beauty products like wigs, spas, makeup, organic soaps and creams, sunscreen, and many others.

7. Furniture

In many Nigerian homes, it is another period to replace old and broken furniture and renovate the house to fit into their next year’s plans.

In some organisations, they change the furniture and settings in preparation for the coming year.

So, if you are still considering how to make money this Christmas, don’t miss out on this amazing idea.

8. Travels

Some Nigerians would want to travel for the Yuletide celebration

Families get to reunite during this season, and because of that, there will be an increase in the transportation industry; travel bags and boxes sell out well during the season.

In case you are interested in making money during this period, buy as many travel bags as possible, and begin to sell within your community.

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