Supers® Earlier brought you news about how Welfare Aid for the Future (WAF) visited some centers in need READ HERE

However, Welfare Aid for the Future (WAF) again in a recent outreach to the Centre Medical D’arrondissement de Bonendale, Bonassama-Littoral, the #WAFteam was honored to be received by their medical staff, being led by their Chief of Center Dr. Maya Christelle. .

Welfare Aid for the Future made some impact with help from partners and sponsors, WAF were able to settle the hospital bills for some patients and donate the following items:

Welfare Aid for the Future distributed Sanitary pads for newly delivered mothers -Toilet tissues -Detergents (Omo and savon) -Spirit -Chairs -Hand gloves -Buckets -Brooms -A4 paper rims, and other items needed for the smooth running of the hospital. .

The coordinator in his speech says,

“It was a wonderful time between #TeamWAF and the staff of the Bonendale Health Center. .With gratitude to our partners and sponsors, we look forward to future collaborations with the health center. . Join us today as we make the world a better place, one step, one day and one life at a time”

See photos below!!! 


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