A Nigerian woman Vivian Nnaji shared a delightful encounter when her baby became the center of attention at a mall while peacefully sleeping among items in the gift section.

The incident quickly gained traction as onlookers were captivated by the adorable scene, leading to a crowd gathering around the snoozing infant.

The woman recounted the amusing incident, expressing that curious shoppers couldn’t resist the urge to touch her baby, questioning whether the child was a lifelike toy or indeed a human being.

"Is it a human or a toy?" - Video of baby sleeping in mall's gift section goes viral

The unique situation prompted people to pull out their phones, recording the precious moment on TikTok.

In the viral video, the little one remained completely unfazed by the attention, peacefully sleeping amidst the hustle and bustle of the mall.

According to the baby’s mum, her kid doesn’t joke when it comes to sleep.

The footage captured the genuine surprise and delight of onlookers as they marveled at the cuteness of the baby who appeared to be unaware of the spectacle surrounding her.

Some even went the extra mile, gently touching the baby to confirm her humanity.

Netizens Reactions…

@hildanjuguna5 said; “She’s so cute.”

@Anny said; “Why you put her for middle of gift.”

@vicky said; “Lol This one go sabi sleep.”

@temmy said; “She self nah sleep athon.”

@marycynthia chisom said; “ShopRite in Diamond Estate! “It was so cute.”

@Nana Adjoa Koomson said; “Allow her to sleep in peace how she is comfortable sleeping aww.”

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