In a recent interview, CAF African player of the year for 2023 and Ballon d’Or 2023 top 10 finalist Victor Osimhen revealed why he still wears a mask to date and why he would have to for the rest of his career as a footballer.

The profliic number 9 in his recent interview at the Super Eagles of Nigeria training camp for AFCON 2023, opened up when asked why he decided to wear the mask even after recovering from the horrific incident that led to him wearing it in the first place.

Victor Osimhen revealed that he has screws in his eye socket region and the mask offers support and protection for that as well as the fact that in his recent fixture, he still sustained a blow to the face when he challenged for an ariel cross with the mask on.

He went on to add that he is always in danger of sustaining injuries around his face region and as such the mask always has to be on to offer some sort of protection from such injuries.

This was also confirmed by the Napoli team doctor in the 2022/2023 club football season. Napoli team doctor Roberto Ruggiero revealed, “Osimhen is perfectly healed, he’s still wearing the protective mask because it gives him a sense of security, but he’s healed. He has his own balance and wants to wear it. Hopefully, this mask will be enough until he feels safe and takes it off. Not before then.”

Why does Victor Osimhen wear a face mask?

Victor Osimhen Serie A Records
Victor Osimhen

On November 24, 2021, during Napoli’s 3-2 defeat at Inter Milan, Victor Osimhen experienced a fracture of his eye socket. This occurred after he collided heads with Milan Skriniar at the San Siro, resulting in multiple facial fractures. To help stabilize his facial features after the traumatic injury, 18 metal screws and six plaques were inserted.



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