Activist, VeryDarkMan, clamors for the release of the father who was arrested for sharing explicit images of his 4 year old daughter.

Recall that the young father, Musa Suleiman was arrested over the weekend for posting disturbing images of his little daughter.

When questioned why he did such, he revealed that he was trying to make his daughter popular and since she couldn’t do comedy, this seemed like the only right option.

After watching the footage of the father, VeryDarkMan states that he does not blame him totally as that is popular behavior among the current crop of women.

VeryDarkMan urges police to release father who shares obscene images of daughter

He believes that nowadays brands do not reward women like Kate Henshaw who are upright but choose to use women like Nkechi Blessing and Blessing CEO to promote their products.

The activist believes that the father’s actions are just out of ignorance because of his lack of proper education.

His suggestion was for them to release the man provided he has not sexually abused the little girl and take both of them to therapy.

Watch the video here


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