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Update: Outrage trails hemp-smoking baby video, Police seek info

The police have sought information on a man who shared suspected hemp with an infant in a video that went viral on Twitter on Monday.

The Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, said the suspect must be made to face the full wrath of the law.

The video, shared on Twitter revealed the yet-to-be-identified bare-chested man, holding the baby on his lap while smoking the drug.

The man was observed sharing the hemp with the child, while a female was heard laughing in the background.

Twitter user @IkeokwuChidozie, who shared the video and tagged the Adejobi and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, wrote, “When and how did we get here as a society? Egbon @Princemoye1 please we need this guy prosecuted and the accomplice too.”

Adejobi, in his reaction to the video, urged mothers to take better care of their babies.

He wrote, “Every one of us can see this again. How did he get the baby? His son? Or niece or cousin? Whatever it is, mothers must learn from this and not entrust their babies to the wrong hands.

“Not everyone can babysit or take care of your baby for you. We need more info about him. He must be caused to face the wrath of the law. This is too bad. But above all, mothers must learn from this.”

Meanwhile, some Nigerians slammed the unidentified man for the action.

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Twitter user, @olamideprophyte, wrote, “Oh my goodness this guy should be in jail for a long time and the person recording the video.”

Another user, @devugo1, wrote, “This is sad to see. You’d be shocked that the parents are the ones involved in this act.”

Some Tweeps also suspected the video was recorded by the baby’s mother.

A user, @thisiskaymop, wrote, “I think it’s the mother making the video and still laughing.”

@LateefSunmola also wrote, “You’ll be surprised that the person behind the camera will be the mother of the child… Why all this ehn oga oo.”



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