Nigerian lady shares her bitter experience at the hands of an Uber driver who berated her for approaching him ‘mannerlessly.’

A user on the microblogging platform, X identified as @Gracebal0 called out the driver of a cab-hailing service over his unprofessional approach.

The lady had booked the ride and after a while chatted up the driver asking about how close he was to the pickup location.

Sir please be fast if you can. Are you getting closer?” she wrote.

The Uber driver, however, responded by accusing her of lacking manners in the way she approached him on the chat.

Unfortunately, the driver responded by cursing her out and ending the trip after allegedly putting a call through to express his anger.

“I experienced this disrespect from an Uber driver today. He ended up insulting me and canceling the trip with no remorse,” she wrote.

Uber driver lambasts lady over her approach in a chat

The post has since generated tons of reactions from users who accused the lady of being rude while others ridiculed the driver for being unprofessional.

Reactions as Uber driver described lady as mannerless

TokyosBite said: “Hello, Mr Jude. Please where are you now? Are you close already?” He’d understand you’re in a haste. If he can hurry up, why not? But asking him to be fast like he was crawling wouldn’t sit well with a hustling Nigerian.”

Kory_Babatope opined: “He got angry very quickly, But you too have some improvements to make. Salutations MUST be the first thing, it’s a social obligation required of you. It’s very important and cannot be underestimated.”


iamvinicius_snr noted: “Uber drivers are so proud these days, they’re making bank and they feel like you’re begging them to come and carry you.”

Davidspredict penned: “The fact you are ordering for his cab,you need to have a good manner of approach. It wont cost you anything to say good day, i am waiting ,please where are you no hard feelings but to be honest your chat is very rude accept it.”

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