Two Nigerian police officers in uniform have been captured on video exchanging blows in public over an undisclosed matter.

The men were seen punching and pulling one other as they emerged from a police patrol car in a video that went viral on social media.

They all returned to the car when the altercation became so severe that one of their colleagues had to step in and break them up.

Maheed Muazu, the Gombe Police Public Relations Officer, denounced the behaviour of the security guards, writing, “Bad attitude; it can’t be tolerated.”

The video sparked reactions from netizens who deemed the act very unprofessional and unruly.

ChibuzoUdolisa wrote; “So unprofessional, and the one who waded into them with an assault rifle in his hand. He never thought a provoked enough one could have snatched the rifle from him and do regrettable things with it.”

GbemigaOgunwale commented; “That’s called anger venting.
That journey is more important 🤑🤣”

alexandaevergr1 wrote; E be like say dem no share the 💰 equally
And query to this camera man for shaking his hand during recording🤣

Imarahoo; “@PoliceNG members of the force fighting with their uniform on should be immediate dismissal.
The force has failed to uphold discipline for too long. The effect of that is destroying the possibilities of seeing an affective policing system.”

Watch the video below:




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