A former Presidential aide, Tolu Ogunlesi  has raised concerns over doctors who insist on prescribing the popular antibiotic, Augmentin, to their patients despite its skyrocketing price.

His remarks come in response to a doctor’s social media post highlighting the high cost of the drug.

The doctor, sharing a photo of Augmentin labeled with a price tag of N57,000, expressed dismay at how unaffordable the medication presently is, even as a medical professional.

Reacting to the post, he spoke on the hiked price of Augmentin and pointed out that there are alternative antibiotics available at significantly lower prices, offering the same benefits.

Speaking on the existence of other brands that contain the same active ingredients as Augmentin but are ten times cheaper, he questioned the need for doctors to persist in prescribing the expensive medication.

He emphasized that doctors who continue to recommend Augmentin during this period bear the responsibility of providing reasons for their choices.

See the post below,

The revelation of price increase on drugs has sparked discussions on social media, with many expressing their dismay at the soaring cost of Augmentin.

People are now questioning whether the inflated pricing reflects a genuine increase in production costs or whether alternative, more affordable options are being overlooked.

As the conversation continues, many online are clamoring for a decline in the high prices of medications.

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