Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss, has taken to her Instagram story to express her thoughts on how fans perceive their idols as flawless.

She shared this after Davido’s supporters jumped to his defence after Tiwa Savage submitted a petition alleging that her life was in jeopardy due to her colleague.

According to TBoss, these well-known people who also serve as “role models” are flawed human beings who err like everyone else.

She claims that although some of these role models have made terrible and embarrassing errors in their lives, it doesn’t change the reality that they were previously kind and considerate to others.

She wrote;

“You know it is okay to admit that your role model was simply just Human right?
And humans make mistakes. Really awful & sometimes even nasty & sh*meful mistakes.
Doesn’t take away from the fact that at one time they showed consideration to some people, which probably included you.
So don’t knock off those who saw a totally different side of your role model.”


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