A Nigerian man with Twitter handle @Akeulatrendy1 has advised single women who want to get married against moving out of their parent’s house to live alone.

According to the tailor, single women should ditch the idea of getting their own apartments because men don’t take women who live alone seriously or consider them to be ‘wife worthy’.

He added that his advice is solely his opinion and directed at women who value marriage and want to settle down.

@Akeulatrendy1 wrote,

“This is not meant to be a discouragement post but as a lady, if you don’t go directly from your parent’s house to your husband’s house, I mean like you have hustled and have now moved to your own apartment as a single lady, men will naturally not take you seriously/wife worthy.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t hustle and make your money or follow your career as a lady. What about you make this money, get yourself a good life but under your parents till you marry?”

It’s my opinion, I am entitled to it. You can decide to block me or just scroll past my post, I don’t need you to like me. As a matter of fact you are very much unnoticed. Bye.

See his tweets below,

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