Popular Nigerian singer, Spyro, has disclosed the kind of lady he hopes to marry.

The “Only Fine Girl” crooner claimed that his ideal girlfriend is one who understands God and engages in “bad things” in private just for him.

Spyro, who called these ladies “Jesus’ baddies,” stressed that his future bride should talk and dress properly rather than merely adequately.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the artist disclosed the information while discussing his relationship and musical genre.

Spyro said;

“My spec is a Jesus’ baddie. That’s my spec: Know God but be a baddie. Don’t be a mediocre because you know God. Dress well and speak well. Do those things that bad girls do but do it for your husband alone.”

The artiste responded to people who pushed him to choose between secular and gospel music by saying that although his songs are secular, they can still be sung anywhere without violating his moral principles.

He said:

“In anything you do in life, you will always get criticised. And we just have to take a stance. It’s either you are hot or you are cold. It’s either you are for God or you are not for God.

I’ve always known even before now that I’m going to get criticised for what I stand for. But it doesn’t mean it’s going to change. I’m a Christian and I make music. You can be a banker and still represent God in your field. I’m saying that I love God and I’m using my platform to talk about him. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t go about my business.”


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