A South African lady and now HIV coach, Lebo Motsumi, shared how she got infected with the virus by sleeping with a married celebrity.

She narrated the events on her page on Twitter, @Motsumilebo, where she revealed she has been living with the virus for over 14 years.

When she was 17, she went to an event to watch a performance and that was where she met the married celebrity who winked at her.

He looked like he had lost weight but she didn’t mind, he requested for her numbers and after the event, they met and had sex severally.

South African lady and HIV coach shares how she got the virus at 17 from sleeping with a married celebrity

As a young girl, all she wanted was to become famous and getting pregnant for him looked like her ticket to fame. His wife called her to leave him but she refused.

Unknown to the now HIV coach, all he wanted was to infect her with the virus so their relationship was built on lies.

She got pregnant and informed him but he denied the pregnancy. At the 7th month she tried to abort the baby but it was unsuccessful so she gave birth to a premature child.

The married celebrity went on an interview to reveal that he had the virus and slept with many people so he wouldn’t die alone. He eventually died from AIDs related complications in 2008.

She didn’t believe she could be infected so she refused to believe and shortly after she gave birth to her premature baby, she slept with the married celebrity again.

The South African lady has now become an HIV coach, helping other people with the virus live normal lives.

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