Simisola Kososko, popularly known as Simi, is captivating her fans on social media with the unveiling of her new teeth grill.

The talented artist and mother-of-one took to Instagram to share a photo showcasing the stylish dental accessory.

In her Instagram post, Simi acknowledged that her new acquisition has garnered mixed reviews within her inner circle, with some expressing dissatisfaction and claiming that the teeth grill doesn’t complement her look.

Unfazed by the criticism, the singer humorously revealed that changing her circle of friends is already on her list of New Year’s resolutions.

Expressing her love for the quirky and “goofy” appearance of the new teeth grill, Simi made it clear that she values her unique style and is unapologetic about her choice. She emphasised her reluctance to waste her husband’s hard-earned money on conforming to others’ opinions.

Simi’s decision to confidently showcase her dental accessory aligns with a trend observed among other notable singers. Portable adorned his teeth with grills a few months ago, and Yemi Alade, who previously experimented with this trend, shared her experience of facing challenges in speaking afterwards.

As the singer’s post sparks conversations about individuality and self-expression, Simi’s determination to stay true to herself resonates with fans who appreciate her bold and unique approach to personal style.



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