A content creator celebrates the fifth birthday of a little girl with a scholarship after she lost a leg in an accident two years ago.

A TikTok user identified as @nanateawashere took to his page to share the progress of a young girl who narrowly survived an accident that claimed 20 lives in 2023.

"She survived accident that claimed 20 lives" - Little girl gets scholarship as she marks 5th birthday

According to Nana, the little girl’s recovery has been ‘miraculous’ despite the condition of her leg slowing down her chances to enrol in school in the last two years following the accident.

While she marked her 5th birthday, Nana Tea offered to give her a scholarship that would cater for her academics.

“In 2021 she survived an accident that claimed 20 lives. Unfortunately, she has lost one leg. Tomorrow is her birthday .❤️😍😍🙏 Happy birthday Angel,” he wrote.

The video has since generated heartwarming reactions from netizens who praised the content creator for his generosity.

Reactions trailing scholarship of little girl as she celebrates her birthday

Dr Row said: “Happy birthday pretty there is a reason for ur survival accomplish that and nothing must stop u.”

boatengpriscilla640 wrote: “aww happy birthday in advance little sis may all what u wish for come to pass and may he enlarge your territories happy birthday in advance 😘💃🎂.”

Memo kay penned: “Happy birthday sweet. I believe that God has a plan for you grow in believing Him.”

akuasena1 said: “happy birthday sweetheart. pls where can I find u if I want to gift her something???”

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