Five-year-old boy suffering from terminal cancer tragically lost his life after his family forcefully submerged him in a river, in a misguided attempt to find a cure.

According to authorities, the child, diagnosed with leukemia, met his untimely end when his parents and a female relative, presumed to be his aunt, engaged in a superstitious ritual near the River Ganges in northern India.

Seeking divine intervention, the family traveled from their home in Delhi to the river on Tuesday, January 23.

The desperate act came after doctors in the capital had exhausted all efforts to save the child’s life, leaving the family grasping for a miracle.

Disturbingly, concerned onlookers at the river pleaded with the family to halt their actions as they continued to submerge the boy.

The sacredness of the water holds deep significance for Hindus.

When bystanders intervened, the child’s aunt reacted aggressively, attempting to attack those who had pulled the boy out of the water.

The child was swiftly rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors confirmed his tragic demise.

As the video continues to circulate, it has garnered attention from users online, and has sparked debates about proper healthcare interventions in such cases of terminal illness.

Watch the video below:



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