Its always nice hearing good news about our people abroad and I wish this was the case more often. There is this young hot artist who is really catching waves in America, up to the point that big celebrities like Akon, Soulja boy and more are talking about his music. He calls himself TVKU (instagram/tvkuthesag), I no know as them dey pronounce that one but his real name is Tuku Ogon.

‘Tuku’ is a cross river name, because there are a lot of people from that side of the country in my place of worship. So, I know he is from Cross River but it seems he’s half American too. Any which way, Its refreshing hearing good news about our people,  because I firmly believe Nigerians are powerful, smart people and we sabi hustle pass everybody. Naija no day carry last! (except sometimes in football, because this year, we no too try like that).

TVKU released a video on his Instagram of Akon giving him shoutout, and all I can say is Akon pronounced the name smoothly you’d think he’s a Nigerian . See the video here on Instagram . You can follow his work at Instagram or on YouTube

From what I have heard, this music gives the sense of heart break and makes me  think of old times with my exes. He preaches about his music being from a ‘real  place’ and if that is true, this boy don suffer sha. Some times women wicked oh! His songs titled ‘Real Intentions’ and ‘Run’ which just dropped had so many lines  that will make you think ‘oh my God this guy is saying what’s in my head’

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I know say country hard, but music helps every situation. And this is a good  example of when music brings pride to our country and helps heal ones heart. God  bless Nigeria!


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