Sapa is your friend! For those of us wondering, SAPA is a lingo coined by the Nigerian Gen-Z.

It has no lingual meaning but somehow conveys a state of poverty.

Not abject poverty though. Not too rich, not poor either. You know, somewhere in the middle. Yes, that’s where Sapa lies.

Like I said, I will tell you why Sapa should be your friend.


1. Everyone is an economist. It’s nature’s gift to mankind.

Sapa only helps you discover more of it and makes it pronounced.

Like when toothpaste has finished, you split it open and chook your brush inside to scrape any remnant you can find there.

You could bag a bachelor’s degree from nature in economizing, who knows?

2. For our fit fam gang, you know how you struggle to keep in shape.

When Sapa says ‘Hi’, you stop booking a ride and sees any distance as walkable.

In other words, Sapa keeps you fit.

Trekkable is your word of the day.

Walking is a great exercise FYI.

3. “When I became rich, everyone called me brother”. Foes and friends would want to relate with you.

Is your mantra no longer ‘Fake friends stay far’?

Sapa helps to decipher who’s fake and real amongst people in your circle.

4. Sapa sharpens your brain.

Ordinarily, you would not buy a shoe for 100k but since the advent of this guy, you know when someone is trying to rob you in the daylight.

100k for shoes? Something that your ancestors did not wear for once

5. Humility is key.

If you’ve seen Sapa face to face, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You don’t want to fight and break someone’s watch worth 90k.

6. Even at a restaurant with your friends, nobody will tell you to pay the bills because they all know Sapa resides with you.

You go just dey chop free food and maybe small small insults too.

7. And if you want a flat tummy, you know the right way to go. Sapa way

I hope I was able to convince you and also confuse you on the reasons you should be friends with Sapa.

Thank you.

I don’t like making new friends so I don’t think I would like to be friends with Sapa

I know this was helpful.


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