Daughter of Borno billionaire Mohammed Indimi, Rukayat Indimi-Dantata (Ruky)has described people who make unsolicited comments about people’s weight as “witches.”

The mother of three stated that only “witches” tell people they’ve gained or lose weight while exchanging pleasantries with them.

Ruky Indimi-Dantata says

Rukayat, who appeared to be speaking from her experience, took to her Instastory on Wednesday, January 25, to express her disapproval of such behaviour..

She wrote,

“Only witches greet people with ‘you have gained weight or you have lost too much weight’. Witches everywhere these days. Tueh!!! Winch.”

See below,

Rukayat’s statement has sparked conflicting opinions on social media, with some agreeing with her while others disagreed with her stance.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@beraculture1 wrote, “Na so I change am for one.. No be say we de close sef like are you normal.. U have not seen me for the past 3yrs and expect me to remain the same..”

@adenims_stitches wrote, “What do we call the ones that ask for *when will you have a baby /another baby* !!!! I’m so looking for a scapegoats wey I go bite this year !!!”

@Iyalodeofabuja wrote, “My mum is not a witch in Jesus name. She can’t wait to see me add up.
Bolutife oko mi, why are you so lean?
Hope you’re not thinking?
🙄 No Ma.”

@lasicloset wrote, “I don’t like people who watch other people’s weight, keep it to yourself don’t tell me”



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