Somewhere in a local part of Nigeria, a demon-arresting prophet was videoed dancing vigorously during a deliverance session and as usual, netizens are not having it.

The reaction of netizens to this strange performance was equally funny as Nigerians would never pass up the chance at mocking the ‘religious fuckery’ Africans has decided to participate in.

What is more hilarious is the way the congregation were catching the fire of dancing before falling under influence. One of the those delivered danced crazily before collapsing on the hard tiled floor. Another almost fell on the camera man.

The online viewers didn’t fail to notice that it was majorly women who filled the church. Someone dropped a meme of Apostle Paul writing furiously to the church in Nigeria.

Read some comments below,

@Mayor Chikwe Greatness Religion- comedy for adults who refused to grow up

@Rotimi Shola See as the prophet be like drunkard wey no dey like to pay for drink.

@Tuff Kulere In that congregation are PhD, Masters and first degree holders

@Gabby Ochiba Some day all of us go become prophets

@Ify Lorna Okocha See una see brain damage o. Abi no be tiles I dey see for there?


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