Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, made one of his fans happy at his recent concert by gifting him his shoes.

In the video, which has attracted thousands of likes on social media, the singer was seen performing and suddenly stopped, removing his shoes.

Portable displays act of kindness, stops performance to gift fan his shoes
Nigerian singer, Portable.

Portable ran around the stage during the show before eventually stopping at a particular point to give one of his fans his shoe.

Meanwhile, many attendees tried to grab the shoe from the fan’s hand, but a security man came to his aid, collecting the shoe with the hope of giving it back to him when the show ended.

Many social media users have flooded the comment section of the post to appreciate the singer and acknowledge his performance at the recent concert.

See some reactions below: 

Rachel: “He done collect bata wahala.”

safianibnsahid: “‎d way d guy hold d shoe i dont think even excavator machine can collect it sef.”

CROWN PRINCE YARIMA: “‎i hoped the security guard return the shoes to the fan.”


Scott.donald: “‎bouncers and Camara man must hear word o.”

KAJAA: “‎If care is not taking,na only one leg that guy go carry reach home.”

Gladys Duke: “‎Too much energy. he is working for his 10m.”

Olatunbosun Ahmed: “‎I commend the effort of those that actually captured portable while performing.”

Haywhylenzo: “‎that guy is so clever, gave the trainers to the bouncer immediately to hold till end of show.”

TEMMY BLACK: “‎if I know love this guy waiting be my gain. Peace no dey my blood. ‎so some people pay money to watch portable display madness.”

user9376971947088: “‎Apart from olamide nah portable be the only street artist for this country.”

aworantiorunmila: “‎Portable understand the street and he knows people are suffering and he always try his best to help people around him.”

Henry: “‎Lesson learnt, sometimes in life only u can’t secure ur treasure because of close people around.”

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