Tiktoker Peller has criticized OAP Nedu Wazobia, holding him responsible for all the endless backlash directed at popular influencer Saida Boj.

Saida Boj recently went viral due to her controversial statement on The Honest Bunch podcast, hosted by Nedu Wazobia, where she claimed she would only have sexual intercourse with a man who could give her N20 million weekly.


This statement led to significant backlash from netizens, resulting in her social media accounts being banned.

In response, Peller blamed “Nedu the Newspaper” for the criticism and online drama involving Saida Boj. He questioned why Nedu had invited Saida Boj to his podcast four times, allowing her to make more controversial statements, suggesting it was to keep her in the news.

Peller defended Saida, stating that her comments were necessary as she has been struggling in the industry for years, thus validating her controversial remarks. He also asserted that he is not afraid of Nedu and demanded that he apologize to Nigerians.

Captioning his video, he wrote: “Make we talk true na Nedu newspaper cause this wahala Why he invite Saida Boj 4 times to be talking rubbish”

Online users in the comment section advised the famous TikToker to stay clear of the ongoing controversy online and quit dragging Nedu Wazobia.




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