Pastor Uche Ume, the founder of Power World Ministries, is overjoyed as he receives a new duplex as a generous gift from a church member.

Taking to Facebook, the Ebonyi cleric shared images showcasing the beautiful exterior and interior of the house.

pastor uche ume

Pastor Uche revealed that the property was presented to him on January 1 and is located in Centenary City, Abakaliki.

He explained that the church member and their spouse expressed their intention to gift him the house during the December 31 crossover night service.

Pastor overjoyed as church member gifts him a new duplex

In a lengthy note, he wrote in part:

“Then, after the crossover night on December 31 into the new year, one of my sons and his wife, who are our pastors in Abakaliki, visited and shared remarkable news.

“They had finished building five duplexes at the Centenary City in Abakaliki, where the immediate past governor opened; only the high and mighty live, such as governors and top government officials. They revealed that they had rented out four already because people were rushing to have them.”


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