There was a mild drama aboard an international flight recently when a Nigerian man got up to preach on the plane.

According to a Twitter user, Yomi Kazeem, who claimed to have witnessed the scene as he was also on the plane, he was shocked by the event because he thought such things only happen on commercial buses in Lagos.

Kazeem said as the man was preaching another Nigerian on the plane interrupted him and ordered him to his seat.

The individual allegedly shouted at the man to be quiet and reminded him that the plane was not a danfo, a colloquial name for commercial buses.

Kazeem said, apparently embarrassed, the preacher silently walked back to his seat.

“For the first time in my life, I saw someone preach about Christianity on a plane. [I’ve only ever seen this in public buses in Lagos. It went well for the preacher. Until another Nigerian yelled at him: “Sit down and shut up! This is not a danfo. He sat down – and shut up.” The Twitter user wrote.

“For those asking: It was an international flight. Preacher was a Nigerian man . Person who asked preacher to shut up was a Nigeran woman”, he added.

Read his full narration below,

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