Netizens set to protest upon hearing that Chioma Okoli had a miscarriage because of the strenuous back and forth with Erisco foods over her review on their product.

The lady had been dragged to court numerous times after taking to Facebook sometime in 2023 to share that the tomato paste she used was filled with sugar.

This prompted an immediate arrest by the CEO, Eric Umeofia, who claimed she was sent by his enemies to speak ill of his business.

Since then, there has been a long legal battle, with Erisco foods charging her to court on the basis of Conspiracy and Cyberstalking.

Outrage as Chioma Okoli reportedly miscarries amidst saga with Erisco foods
Chioma Okoli.

In the most recent hearing in court, her lawyer admitted that she unfortunately lost her pregnancy because of the strain the case had on her over the past few months.

Despite this confession, she was still remanded in jail pending the ruling for her bail application.


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