A popular Nigerian Twitter user, Wizarab has shared a pitiful story of how his friend’s wife left him to start sleeping around after relocating abroad together.

The woman who followed her husband as a dependent left their home after staying for just two months. She was sleeping with their neighbors too before she moved out of the house.

Read his story here:

“This man is telling me how wife he brought as a dependant this May stayed in his house for less than 2 months and moved out. He claimed she was sleeping with neighbours and following Nigerian and White men.

He is tired of the embarrassment.

He even showed me pictures of her flaunting a white lover. He is afraid of false allegation to the police so he is minding his business and how he approaches things.

He is tired of the marriage already. I don’t tire. I’m just nodding my head because I know both of them.
Omo, I don tire. I domt know what to say.

Goodluck to them.

He has told her to go and do what she wants to do with men if that makes her happy since she doesn’t want him anymore.

Ike Gwurum”


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