Nigerian man reminisces on his big boy lifestyle in Nigeria as he turns to a cleaner abroad, UK.

The man known as Omoakure1 on TikTok revealed that he had been told that UK will humble him and he never believed them.

"They said UK will humble me" – Nigerian big boy turns cleaner abroad
Nigerian Big Boy.

He shared times from the past when he was living a big boy lifestyle in Nigeria.

Another showed him after he had moved to UK and turned into a cleaner there.

Read some reactions below:

@PEACEFUL PEACE ✌️ 🇬🇧 said: “😂 I can relate sometimes when I look at my previous pictures I feel like crying 😢. Omoh, am relocating back to Nigeria next month For my sanity.”

@user7645693423489 said: “The fact that you have to construct cv for cleaning 😂😂”

@Black Senator said: “The worst is that some recruiters will say “ I am sorry you are not qualified for the position of a cleaner”

@thistemmy said: “person throwback come fine pass now 😫 this UK enn🤣”

@who get the Niger soup said: “talk true even now ur salary as a cleaner in UK.. u never see dat kind salary for nija b4″

@Jesus baby said: “Uk is good for those who where salary earners”



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