Victor Adere popularly known as Victor AD counters the claim of people labelling late T.B. Joshua, a fake pastor, relating to the trending BBC documentary which disclosed the alleged sexual misconduct committed by the deceased.

Recounting the events in his tweet on X, Victor AD shared his encounter with the pastor on social media. He stated the numerous miracles citing how his family was helped when they were in need. He stated the pastor was used to healed him from a skin disease at age six.

Victor AD exclaimed which of the good deeds, T.B Joshua performed for his family was staged or faked, is it the provision of shelter or food? He noted people can say whatever they like but does not change his legacy.

He wrote;

Prophet TB Joshua fake ke? Person wey God use heal me from skin disease at the age of 6, restored my mums hand that was supposed to be amputated due to gunshot wound, or is it my sister that got healed from blindness during her primary school days . So many wonderful deeds!! Which of these are fake or staged? When my family and I were homeless he gave us shelter and fed us. God is not a man. say whatever you like. E no go change God from being God

The singer’s claim has captured netizens attention which led to mixed reactions on social media ,hence, giving them the reason to question his career improvement.

@Its_Unchained Let him revive your career na

@Officially_Kriz Why didn’t you tell TB Joshua to restore your amputated career? Over 10 years in ur career, only one hit song. Are u not ashamed of urslf?

@iconicone31 I’m a big fan of your music and i do feel your absence in the industry. Could you please spray that miracle water on your musical career and bounce back

@kikimordi You were 6. Go back and ask the adults again if they embellished the truth because he asked them to do so “in faith

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