A baby’s unusual facial expression in new video is the trending talk of the social media space.

A young girl who is not up to a year is trending as her facial reaction goes viral.

The video was shared to Tiktok by the baby’s mother, @bina.151.

“Una dey born ancestors these days” — Netizens react to baby’s facial expression

She was captured while trying to sleep and her reaction to being disturbed was very hilarious.

See some reactions here

@❤️||Akhosua Brightess ||💙🥰 said: “Una Dey born ancestors these day paaa ooo😁😁😁”

@user2232307954661 opined: “this girl had issues with you in her past life she is like so we have met again😂😂😂”

@martina_085 wrote: “Your baby is sooo beautiful 🥰🥰”

@D’dolphina commented: “She be like : who’s this girl flashing lights on my face 😂”

@life is too short to worry reacted: “😂😂😂is the facial expression for me😂😂”

@TKMDARLINGTON added: “😂😂 eiiiii somebody’s grandmother is back to earth oooo😂😂😂😂😂”

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