Daddy Zee, the husband of the viral sensationalist Mummy Zee, stirs drama after challenging an influencer to post the anonymous message his wife sent to him when he was broke.

It would be recalled that some days ago Mummy Zee and her husband became a notable name, after receiving loads of cash gifts and other items.

mummy zee daddy zee

In a recent development, Daddy Zee made an appreciation post, glorying God for the wonders that befell him and his family in the past few days.

“By this time last week God left heaven and came to visit us and now the rest is history,” he wrote.

His post was met with criticism from an influencer who cautioned him to direct the appreciation to humans who rendered the help.

“Gratitude is when you appreciate humans for what they did.
God uplifts others through humans. You & your wife have not done that.
But focused on those you think gave you monies & gifts.
I’ve paid rapt attention to your activities in few days & it’s my honest take.
End,” the influencer wrote.

"Share anonymous message my wife sent to you" - Mummy Zee's husband dares influencer

In response, Mummy Zee’s husband stated;

“Can you please share the anon msg my wife sent to you sometime last year when I was feeling depressed cos I was unable to do enough for her and our daughter due to funds and your subsequent reply to the message. I need people to see why I will be forever grateful to u.”



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