Nigerian Mother angers many as she cuts her son’s hair without her getting her husband’s permission before doing so.

The video was shared to the microblogging platform, X, by user, @DAMIADENUGA.

The wife had taken her son who has full hair to the saloon to cut it off because his school was complaining about his plaited hair.

The husband who was not aware of that decision came home and was visibly upset that she did such.

Mother cuts son’s hair without her husband’s permission, he reacts

Even though, she tried to explain that it was the school that forced the decision and she couldn’t withdraw the boy, the husband claimed she was wrong to do so without asking his permission.

From their conversation, he had already assured her he was going to seek the school’s permission because the son had never cut his hair from birth.

He told his wife she couldn’t sleep at their place that night because of what she did. Many Netizens also agree with him and claim the wife was wrong.

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