Gospel artist Moses Bliss and his wife-to-be, Marie Wiseborn have been spotted in a church with their wedding invite.

In a popular church video, a congregant filmed Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn, as they stepped before the altar, giving their wedding invitation to a man of God.

Moses Bliss and his wife-to-be, Marie Wiseborn, have made many appearances since the announcement of their engagement.

Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn were seen clasping hands and bowing their heads in prayer as they sought the pastor’s blessings.

Moses Bliss and wife-to-be takes wedding invite to church for prayers
Moses Bliss and fiancee, Marie. source: Instagram

The video had viewers talking about how quickly the wedding invitation was printed, just days after Moses Bliss’s engagement video went viral.

Excitement is rising, with some supporters looking forward to the impending D-Day.



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