Nigerians need to stop believing they can get rich or become wealthy through the killing of fellow citizens for money rituals. Don’t be deceived by Nollywood bullshit.

Why is it that there’s no dollar options in money? There’s none because it doesn’t exist! You can’t make money using human body parts. If it is possible that one can really make money through rituals, why are Nigerians not making money in foreign currencies such as dollars, pounds that has more value than naira?

We all know very well that the Central Bank or an affiliated bank agency is responsible for printing currencies and they come with specific numbers. If we have to account for the money some people say they are making through rituals, where are they getting the numbers that tally with what is in circulation?

Okay let’s assume they get the money it from banks with supernatural powers, what happens to that branch where the money disappears from? What happens to the Branch Managers? Are they not going to account for it? If that’s the case, you know how many branch managers of banks would be crying out every day that money has disappeared?

Have you heard from any of these commercial banks that they are looking for money? That money mysteriously disappeared and nowhere to be found?

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My point is that let’s put all these superstitions aside and accept that some people actually steal to make money and tie it around money rituals. People can actually make money by conniving with bank officials in a way we don’t know and start flaunting it that they did money rituals. It doesn’t make sense!

Alot of young people are dying prematurely all in the name money rituals that doesn’t exist. When I see how young men are killing their fathers, mothers, and relatives in the name of rituals for money, I cry because it is an illusion.

Money Rituals baseless and does not exist anywhere. Instead of providing them with evidence-based ways of making money, they will tell them to go and bring the heads of their family members. That’s bullshit.


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