Maureen Esisi, ex-wife of Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu has advised on the importance of having sxx before marriage.

She recently released a message on social media via her Snapchat, advocating for people to learn to have sex before getting married.

Maureen Esisi
Maureen Esisi

Maureen, who recently declared marriage a scam, gave advice to others not to follow in her footsteps, making hints about the fact that she got married without having sex with her husband.

She was questioned by a fan about her opinion on premarital sex, to which she replied. Another follower questioned her whether she was making a hint about her ex-husband’s poor performance in bed after reading this inquiry and response.

The fan shared that he was reminded of the times she would frequently post amusing and suggestive pictures of her and her ex-husband’s bedroom activities in addition to talking positively about him.

Maureen Esisichided the follower, saying that she was tired of people assuming things about her life. She also mentioned how people’s constant desire to follow their beliefs has left the internet unbeaten.


Maureen Esisi premarital sex




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