Mark Angel, Nigerian skit-maker has reacted to the viral video of his ward, Emmanuella, confidently strutting her stuff in a figure-hugging gown.

Recall that the 13-year-old comedienne caused a huge buzz online on Thursday, December 14, after the video of her dancing in a black bodycon high-slit dress surfaced.

The video sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some perverted men expressing interest in the minor, while others argued that the dress is unsuitable for someone of her age. You can watch the viral clip here.

Mark Angel publicly apologizes

Well, Mark Angel has now taken it upon himself to apologize on behalf of the youngster in a statement addressed to their friends and family.

He explained that Emmanuella innocently wore her elder sister’s dress and shared the video on her WhatsApp status.

However, someone on her contact list downloaded the video and reposted it on TikTok, thereby giving it a wider reach.

Mark Angel publicly apologizes


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